i scream

strawberries are in season here now, £1 a punnet, so i bought three. and our new ice cream maker was just begging to be used.

vegan strawberry ice cream
david lebowitz, with a few tweaks

seven hundred grams fresh strawberries
half a cup sugar
one and a half cup rice milk
glug of orange juice
one and a half shot gin

slice strawberries and toss with sugar, let macerate for about an hour. puree berries and liquid with rice milk, juice and gin. i left the seeds in. chill thoroughly in refrigerator then freeze in ice cream maker, twenty five minutes should do it.
serve immediately, maybe with some west country shortbread biscuits.

i'd like to try coconut milk next, and maybe find soy single cream to make a creamier mint choco-chip. with heston blumenthal's new ice creams (savory mustard, salted caramel popcorn, and chocolate rosemary flavour) hitting waitrose last month, i am inspired to get creative.

and with half a pint of this strawberry treat left in the freezer, i think i have found the key to making new friends here this summer.

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