And if it gets rough, it's time to get rough

walking towards my local high street today, a walk i used to do daily for work, a tight row of houses, it made me think.
i am the queen of nostalgia, moving to a new country does that to you. or at least it does it to me. but regardless, you really never know what might be coming on the horizon. and so i keep thinking, don't look back. these phrases seem dull and obvious, but sometimes we need reminders.

this is always something that he does well, telling me, if something is wrong, we'll fix it.

december was busy, two new jobs, hiking across town, travelling on the train. freelance is tricky. january feels still, eerily quiet. like i'm waiting. and that's okay. maybe more time to write. maybe any time.

to do list:
don't cut hair  (longhairdon'tcare)
learn manual
do taxes
go to egypt on tuesday !!

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