helplessness blues

a dead fox lay by the side of the road, as i walked home i stood by it. i wanted to touch its dewy red fur.

i didn't, and a man came around, looking down with me.
why did you stop, he said. why did you, i said.

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  1. Fleet Foxes are not the type of band that will initially blow you away. Rather, their music has to be chipped away layer by layer before you feel like you have a grasp on it, which is a great thing for an album's longevity. From that standpoint, their music takes effort to enjoy. It has depth and cannot be taken at face value. While "Helplessness Blues" doesn't initially stand out as a classic album I think it has the potential to grow into an album that will stand the test of time and ultimately end up on a lot of "Best of 2011" lists.