sugar rush

no april showers for me

since sunshine has woken me as of late, i have been running more. and since discovering soy yogurt again, my post-run mornings have been even tastier.
move aside bran flakes.

granola bars/bits

one cup rolled oats
one cup sliced almonds
half cup pumpkin seeds
three tablespoons dried coconut
three tablespoons ground flax seed
one cup dried cherries + cranberries, chopped
five tablespoons butter, melted
one teaspoon vanilla extract
three large tablespoons golden syrup

preheat oven, 230F
place almonds, seeds, coconut on baking tray - bake for five minutes, until brown, do not burn! combine oat mixture with dried fruit and ground flax. add vanilla to melted butter, then pour over dry ingredients, drizzle syrup to coat all dried ingredients.
add more seeds nuts fruit, as you please.
preheat oven, 150F
push sticky mixture into baking tray until smooth and compact. bake for 30 to 40 minutes, as you like. let rest before cutting into bars. or just crumble, and eat tiny crumbs as you go.

then, after pinching said crumbly bits, he smiled and said i can't wait for breakfast.
breakfast was lovely - fresh strawberries not shown.

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