twisted treat

beer, baseball and pretzels mean business. but lately has been more like cider and rugby, with the salty snack section lacking (pork scratchings? i think not). so here is my homemade soft pretzel attempt, they're vegan too. somerset cider not pictured.

seeded soft pretzels

one a half cup warm water
two and a half teaspoon active dry yeast
two and a half cup bread flour
one cup whole wheat flour
one tablespoon sugar
one teaspoon salt
large pot of water
three tablespoon baking soda
coarse salt and poppy seeds and cararway seeds
extra, mustard for dipping

mix yeast into warm water, let sit for a few minutes. in a large bowl mix flour, salt, sugar. add yeast mixture, and mix. knead dough on floured surface, ten minutes or until tacky and soft. place in well oiled bowl, over and let rise for an hour.
preheat oven to 240C. turn dough onto floured surface, divide into eight, and roll out into ropey bits. shape into pretzel pattern, and place onto oiled baking sheet.

boil biggest pot of water you have, add baking soda. in batches place pretzels into water, one to two minutes. drain on rack and then place back onto baking sheet, top with salt and seeds. baked for fifteeen to twenty minutes, until golden brown. let cool on rack. eat warm, with mustards or cheese.

kitchen garden organic wholegrain mustard

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