weekends and quiche go hand in hand. most recent lunch in clifton was less than disappointing though, flavourless with long cumbersome vegetable pieces, and i can only assume it was eggwhite only (boring).
this sunny saturday i was determined. brunch would be served, quiche would be had.

spinach + feta quiche

shortcrust pastry sheet
red onion
raw spinach
feta cheese
lemon zest
four eggs
one cup soy milk
ground nutmeg
salt and pepper

preheat oven 190C.
roll out the crust into flan dish. tiny pinches and pop into the oven until golden brown, twenty minutes.
meanwhile, wilt spinach, then squeeze extra liquid out, chop. caramelize chopped onion in butter or oil, cooking slowly until softened. layer onion, spinach, crumbled feta, and top with lemon zest.
separate the eggs, whisk whites and then add back in yolks, plus milk and spices.
pour egg mixture over the crust, patting down any cheeky bits.
bake in oven for twenty minutes, take out of even and let rest for ten minutes.

perhaps the greatest quiche i have ever made, no word of a lie. sweet and simple, flaky and light. served well to a man who worked the nightshift and needs coercion out of bed.

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