last year

On Christmas Eve we went to the art gallery.
A dusty room, I walked inside and got lost. This was Karla Black's installation. She says (in that lush Scottish accent), not meaning but consequence is what the viewer must ask, what happens in this room?

Her sculpture Doesn't Care In Words creates a dense space, the way fog grabs light then disappears as you reach out. But this was warmer and while eluding to landscapes, there is nothing quite natural about it, with candyfloss hues and fragile plastic walls. Large peaks formed with paper covered with sifted powders, and I thought later someone would just brush it all up.
More Of The Day, one single puff of cloud hangs in the corner, with a pastel light somehow glowing from within. A dream, I feel, awkward and not quite right yet comforting and airy and you don't really want to leave. The room disappears and you are forced to maneuver this pile up, investigate each crack.

Turner Prize Installation view

Turner Prize Installation view
Photos via ArtSlant New York

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