now it is november, the days are just so long, these days.

just some shots in the past few days, these past weeks all filled with new. new faces and train rides and smells and botanical names to learn and going back to school, sort of. sunday nights away, we drive south and sit by the fire.
and things are maybe a bit simpler now, it makes sense these flowers and colours and textures to arrange and place, and most of all to be making things with my hands.  scratches from thorns, my hands are getting rougher, and these marks i don't mind really.

yesterday was working from home, working from the window. coffee breaks are vital as the weather switches from sunny to storm.  my friend from toronto, who is really from london, reunited!

today i waited at 7am to head to the wholesaler, and watched the sun rise over the market. it was freezing.

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