white heat

 gratitude open chapel, mexico 2011

gabriel orozco house, mexico 2008

botanical garden, mexico 2007

 gallery space explanada, mexico DF 2008

 model of house A, china 2008

pavilion exhibition space, china 2007

tatiana bilbao
via design boom, studio visit + interview

" i've always worked in a very a simple, archaic way. i didn't learn with software where mathematic algorithms would form my design, it was much more simple than working on the computer. our uncharted geometric research was done without any sophisticated tools for the construction, since I don't know anything but paper, scissors and rocks. "

the last few days in bristol have been hot, like proper i'm sweating a bit hot. sitting by the harbour at night, kind of hot, with a can of cider and my skin is still warm from the day, my brow squinting into the sunset. what luck, a tiny UK send off, as i return home, 27C and sunny in bristol, 9Cand grey in toronto. oh well, canada i've missed you, i hope to catch a tiny glimpse of fall this week.

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