little bee

my friend Andy keeps bees. and my friend Andy is generous, so we get local wildflower honey from Woking, Surrey.

what should i make, scones right? pretty much perfect, and this was my first attempt. so simple, very little mixing, infact less is more here, and how much do i love grating butter, such satisfaction in the small.

black pepper and honey scones

two and a quarter cup flour
one and a half teaspoon ground black pepper
two teaspoon baking powder
quarter cup honey
one cup soy milk
one tablespoon lemon juice
half cup ice cold salted butter
one egg

place butter in the freezer, preheat oven to 200C
mix soy milk and lemon juice, set rest for ten minutes. this makes soy buttermilk.
stir together milk with honey until well combined. in large mixing bowl sift flour, pepper, baking powder. grate butter into flour, mixing softly until shreds are all coated. pour in milk+honey softing mixing until dough comes together, making sure not to over do it.

measure out half the dough onto a floured surface, kneading a few times into a lumpy round about one inch thick. slice round into six wedges and place on well greased baking sheet. repeat with second portion of dough.
beat the egg and brush the top of each scone lightly.
bake for thirteen to fifteen minutes, until puffed up and golden brown.

homemade strawberry jam made it's way down from Newcastle, a gift from Greg's mother. i could eat this jam straight frm the jar with a spoon (i do).

honey and spice, and dribbling jam down your fingers. perfect with a cup of english breakfast before i dart off (late!) to work.

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