Vegan Vanilla Cheesecake
three cups crumbled vegan digestives
half cup vegan margarine, melted
quarter cup sugar
three and a half cups cashew nuts, soaked and drained
two thirds of a cup coconut oil
two thirds of a cup agave nectar
two thirds of a cup lemon juice
one vanilla bean, scraped
soak cashew nuts overnight.
preheat oven one hundred eightyC.

blend digestives in food processor, mix in melted margarine and sugar.  press crus evenly into springform cake pan, and bake in oven for ten minutes. place on cooling rack.

in food processor blend together nuts, oil, agave, lemon juice and vanilla paste. blend until very smooth, as thin as possible with no lumps. pour filling into cake pan and smooth out top. place in the freezer overnight.
take out cheesecake an hour before you want to serve. top with fruit or chocolate, or just eat plain.
trick your friends, let them guess your secret ingredient.

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