it has come and gone, and december has been filled to the brim. we had our first proper party, covered in pine bows and ribbon, blurry photos all of them.

at the shop i made wreaths and wreaths and wreaths. and we huddled into the new studio space, 'the shed', til late in the night surrounded by buckets. white scented roses and rosemary smelled so sweet, bags and bags of wild ivy.  they all got married on the 22nd this year, in the rain.  too dark and too tired for photos.

lately though, i made this bread. third time's a charm.

i bought myself this, a proper toque.

we are planning a trip here!

and i resolve to wear one of these more. we're training for the Great North Swim, why not.

not too many resolutions, just keep going is all.
maybe just drink less, eat more greens, go to the cinema and buy some new books.
in with the rain and out with the rain, so it goes, and i'm smiling big today.  happy twenty-thirteen!

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