danish days

my mother's favourite european city, she claims, so went popped over for a few days.  it was canada-cold in Copenhagen, two scarves kind of cold. but those Danes sure know how to keep things bright, even in the middle of cool weather.

a new camera means six hundred pictures in three days, i tried to be ruthless.
flower shops on every corner, danishes every morning, blondes whizzing by on bikes on every street. everything very geometric, square and organized, with tiny bursts of colour. the sun came out and then it snowed, pocketing our carlsbergs.
we blew our cash in Vesterbro on food and beer and wine, but isn't that what you do? it is.


  1. I love these images. It's my mother's favourite city too, and after visiting it last year I think I agree!

  2. oh thank you! always gotta trust the mothers.