little days

i couldn't help but choose these plums, greens and reds and oranges, slightly oblong and specked with much more colour than the spanish plums they sat next to. i managed to nip to the shops before the rain hit today, and i felt the warmth on my back as i headed home. now it's pouring, leaves dripping.

something sweet and tart, the ground almond makes it hearty, on the edge of fall it's necessary, especially on this grey day. a touch of colour, and symetry never hurt.

almond english plum cake

six or seven small english opal plums

two thirds of a cup butter, softened

half cup sugar

two eggs

one cup almond flour

quarter cup flour

quarter teaspoon baking powder

preheat oven to 160C, prepare baking dish by greasing bottom and line with parchment paper.
wash and slice plums, and remove the pits. place facedown in a frying pan over medium heat, sprinkle with sugar and cook until dissolved.
cream together butter and sugar until smooth. mix in eggs, both flour and baking powder, until just combined. pour mixture into prepared dish. place plum halves face up equally throughout the batter. sprinkle with sugar and bake for thirty to forty minutes. eat warm with a cup of tea as the rain falls outside your second floor flat.

the fruit sings and the cake holds a nice crumb. equally good cold with a glass of red on the couch, still grey skies and projector movies up on the wall.

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